We supply a full range of equipment and services, including:

Reamers & stabilizers– in a wide range of sizes, in chromium molybdenum solid alloy steel, to the requirements of AISI 4145H modified.

Double action drilling jars–from the world’s leading suppliers, with full maintenance, overhaul and testing support.

Shock tools–both standard and non-standard, from top suppliers, suitable for the most testing tasks and environments.

Fishing tools–a comprehensive range of top quality standard tools, and the ability to manufacture one-off tools for unusual and difficult conditions.


Tubular Handling Services

We offer a full range of casing and tubing services including:

  • Hydraulic tongs– of every type and size, including high-torque, with full back-up equipment to handle any requirement and minimize downtime
  • Casing cold cutters– the best available, for casings from 5″to 24″
  • High torque wrenches & nut splitters- for all bolt and stud sizes, based onpre-set torque limits to eliminate bol tstretching and/or under torqueing
  • Casing fill up & circulating packers– through an alliance with Tam
  • International, including casing fill up tools, circulating packers, two stage tools with packer,and open hole swellable packers.


We also procure the following items:

  • Drilling Rig components, Down hole motor, Alloy steel pipes, 28% CRA pipes, control line
  • Drill Bit i.e. PDC Drill Bit, Core Bit, Rock Bit
  • Wellhead Equipment & well head Tools i.e. Christmas tree, casing head, blowout preventer, tubing head, power tongs, pneumatic Spider
  • Cementing & Completion Tools i.e. cement head, Liner Hanger, Float Collar, Float Shoe, Packer
  • Oilfield Tubular Goods i.e. Drill Collar, Non-magnetic Drill Collar, Drill Pipe, Kelly, Casing & Tubing
  • Drill Rig Parts i.e. Draw works, Traveling Block, Hook, Swivel, Rotary Table, Crown Block, Mud Pump, Mud Pump accessories
  • Disassembly and Laboratory Equipment i.e.Hyraulic Bucking Unit, Downhole Motor Tester, Hydraulic Tester
  • Diesel Generator i.e. continues & emergency