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We supply the following equipments for the Iranian Industries:

  1. Different types of:Reactor, Column, Tower, S&T Heat Exchanger,Plate Type Heat Exchanger, Drum Pressure Vessels,
  2. Direct and Indirect Fired Heater
  3. Electrical Heater
  4. HRSG , Boilers, Waste Heat Boiler
  5. Waste Water Treatment, Potable Water, Water Polishing & Desalination
  6. Instrument i.e. pressure gauge, level gauge, flow meter and so on
  7.  Process Pumps i.e. Centrifugal, Reciprocating & Screw Chemical
  8. Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine
  9. Centrifugal and reciprocating compressors
  10. Filter Packages & Separation system
  11. Different kinds of valves. i.e. control, SPV, Ball, Block, Check, Butterfly,motor valves, manual valves and so on
  12. Different  kinds of pipes i.e Line pipe, Casing& Tubing, Drill Pipe
  13. Piping material i.e. Flanges and fittings
  14. Heat Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) unit
  15. Electric Motor, Switch Gear & Transformer
  16. Gearbox and couplings
  17. Safety Equipments i.e. the mechanical and Electrical fire fighting systems
  18. Conveyor belts
  19. Diesel Generator i.e. continues & emergency
  20. Material Handling Systems
  21. Different type of Crane i.e. overhead traveling and gantry cranes
  22. Cable
  23. Lighting Syetem
  24. Hose, Lay Flat Hose & Hose Coupling
  25. Planger for ethylene compressor